At Agora Property Services, we strive to offer premier services to manage your property efficiently. This is why we use Buildium, a modern software that automates essential property management tasks. In addition to Buildium, we are proud to offer the following features to all of our clients.

Market your available properties more effectively and fill vacancies quicker.

Buildium allows our team to advertise your vacancies online, post them on our website, and countless other listing sites online. Buildium also permits mobile integration, which makes it possible for applicants to view listings on their smartphone devices.

Set the right prices for your rentals using Buildium’s innate rental comparison tool.

This tool allows us to provide realistic rental rates for properties similar to yours in the same location. Using these insights will help you price your rentals appropriately and fill vacancies quicker.

Select the best candidates for vacancies with Buildium’s built-in resident screening capabilities.

This tool processes standard background and credit checks, along with past rental history to select the highest-quality candidate each and every time.

Get paid quicker and more securely.

Our team will deposit your funds directly into your bank account, so no more waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

Collect rent more efficiently with a variety of payment options.

Today’s tenants expect versatile and efficient payment options. Buildium provides residents with three, easy ways to pay rent electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card).

Obtain easier access to on-demand statements.

Your owner statements are securely posted to your online portal. These simple statements provide digestible and easy-to-understand information on your property.

Process property management issues quicker.

We use Buildium to process electronic work orders, and we also communicate with vendors conveniently to ensure that these issues are quickly solved. At your request, you can receive a copy of the work order by email so you can receive real-time updates concerning your request.

“I have been so happy and pleased since I’ve been working with Agora for my property management. Casey has been wonderful to work with and I would recommend Agora Property Management to anyone looking for great customer care”.
Roxie B. Beavercreek, OH