1. An application fee is required before application processing begins. The fee is $50 for each applicant. The application fee is non-refundable and required for each adult who will be living at the property. We accept money orders, cashier’s checks, credit or debit cards. We do not accept cash or personal checks for the application fee.

2. During our normal business hours, applications can be returned to our office at 1436 Yankee Park Place, Suite D, Centerville, Ohio 45458 or left in our over night drop box with all required information (see below) and the application fee in one envelope with your name on it.

3. The application processing normally takes 3 to 5 business days to complete. Some applications may take longer to complete and some may be processed more quickly. Please notify us if you need to move by a specific date.


and an application will not be processed until receipt of all required information below:

1. Complete application in its entirety (names, social security numbers, telephone numbers, required signatures, etc).

2. A clear copy of each applicant’s driver’s license or state ID.

3. Two most recent pay stubs if employed or sufficient proof of income if from a source other than employment.

4. The full application fee.

We can make copies of the documents needed to apply if you are applying in our office. Falsified applications will be rejected immediately.


All leases are for one year and require a deposit equal to one month’s rent unless otherwise specified in writing by Agora Realty Group.

A deposit is not required to apply, but deposits are encouraged to be paid with the application fee in order to hold the property for up to 2 weeks. A deposit does not guarantee an application will be approved.

If an application is denied, the deposit will be returned to the applicant.

We will consider applications with a full deposit first, regardless of the order in which the applications are received.

If an application is cancelled after a date is set for the lease signing, the deposit will not be returned.

If you do not meet the qualifications or have any questions or concerns please contact Agora Realty Group Property Management before you schedule an appointment or apply for a property.

“I have been so happy and pleased since I’ve been working with Agora for my property management. Casey has been wonderful to work with and I would recommend Agora Property Management to anyone looking for great customer care”.
Roxie B. Beavercreek, OH